This week we launched a new version of FocusUp that features tools coaches, sports psychologists, and athletes will find valuable as they measure and work to improve their concentration skills using the concentration number grid.

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We recommend a daily mental toughness training routine to build your concentration skills. In only ten minutes a day you can go through a simple five step routine:

1. Practice Breathing deep in for a count of 5, hold your breath for 2, and exhaling slowly for a count of 7. Do this twice to calm your mind and enter a relaxed state.

2. Visualize yourself playing your sport or accomplishing your task in a mental highlights reel. Play through a series of points in your mind. Recall your best performances. See yourself in a flow.

3. Adopt a simple performance mantra right for you. Repeat it 3 times: “Swing Free and Easy” or “Load and Extend” are examples.

4. Repeat an Affirmation about yourself: “I have put in the work to be a dominant player.”

4. Practice the FocusUp Pro grid daily starting with the 25 number grid and working up. While playing the number grid notice your feelings and reactions as you face obstacles of finding a number. Watch how you calm yourself and keep your head in the game. Keep your peripheral vision working rather than darting your eyes around. Stay Calm and persistent. Record your scores and notice your improvement day after day. Challenge yourself to concentrate through an entire 100 number grid session. Elite Athletes working the 100 number grid can complete about 20-30 numbers a minute. The larger number grids are better simulations for practicing sustained focus as you might experience in a match or game. The sixteen number beginning grid can be completed in 4-5 seconds by top performers.

Make this simple routine a part of your weekly workout and you will reap dividends on the court.



Flying Sofa LLC, creators of apps that make your mind fly, launched the FocusUp game in the iTunes app store.

Turbo Charge Your Concentration with this fun number game used by Elite Athletes

FocusUp is a game-changing app that delivers fun number game play while sharpening your concentration and ability to enter the peak performance zone. Olympic coaches in the Soviet Union used the concentration number grid as their secret weapon to win gold medals. Roy “Doc” Halladay, the Cy Young winning former Toronto BlueJay uses it to prepare to enter the zone. Nick Bollitieri, the famous coach of top tennis professionals used it with his clients to sharpen concentration.   Try out FocusUp and you’ll see why. Whether its sports, academics or life, FocusUp teaches you to calmly focus in the moment on the task at hand, whether it be a number, a pitch, a putt, a tennis shot, or a math problem. Apolo Ohno said it well recently when he tweeted:  “The MIND is the most undertrained asset of any athlete. It is the biggest difference between separating those who r GREAT or inconsistent.” Spend a few minutes a day with FocusUp and you’ll reap dividends.

 Read the full story about FocusUp here. Learn how you can develop your concentration and the mental toughness to perform well in pressure situations.

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It’s easy to try. Just download FocusUp Free from the app store today by clicking here. It’s Free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


  • Multiple levels from Sixteen Number Grid to the Advanced 100 Number Grid.
  • Infinite Variety and Different Modes including Stay, Shuffle, and Disappear.
  • Challenge a Friend Mode to play FocusUp with Your Friends and Scale New Heights
  • Five Different Looks or Skins with sounds to suit anyone’s taste.
  • Time Tracking Tools to measure your progress.

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